Learning in the boarding school

The students of the boarding school, together with external pupils, visit their respective classes. The students of the boarding school visit, together with external pupils, their respective school class. In addition, study times and the Silentium are integrated into the daily routine of the boarding school. During the daily Silentium, the boarding school students have the opportunity to do their homework in groups under the supervision of teachers, tutors but also classmates ("students help students") and prepare for the upcoming lesson. During the study period, learning techniques are consolidated and self-organisation is promoted. As part of our education for self-reliance, good students are given the opportunity to do their Silentium in their own room. There, our students are supported by pedagogical and school staff too.

A further Silentium takes place on the school weekends on Sunday. During this time the boarders prepare for the coming week. This fixed ritual offers the opportunity to reflect and define one's own goals.