The Grovesmühle

The Grovesmühle is a state-approved school in the Nordharz (Harz district) with an included boarding school in an independent sponsorship. It offers a wide range of educational opportunities such as high school, a secondary school and a technical /social college and an associated primary school. All degrees and certificates acquired here correspond to those of a state school.

Integrity and diversity are at the heart of our pedagogical way of thinking. In the tradition of reform pedagogy and humanism, we are convinced that schools should not only impart knowledge but should also promote the education of each individual personality. School can therefore not only consist of lessons, but must also awaken and strengthen the social, sporting, technical and creative interests of each individual young person.

It is our goal to lead the students entrusted to us, to a successful graduation under ideal conditions, to strengthen their social skills and self-responsibility and at the same time, to teach them important foundations for life after school. With different types of schools under one roof, we can challenge and support every young person according to their situation and qualification, with the aim of a holistic education and a qualified educational degree.

We offer the following school types: Grammar school Secondary school Highschool (G8) Technical High school with the branches "Technology" and "Health and Social Affairs"

The majority of our students come from the regional area. Due to the direct proximity to the federal state of Lower Saxony, it is also possible to admit day students from the district of Goslar. In addition, up to 60 children and Teenagers from all over Germany and China live in the boarding school.The school structure, the teaching organization, the school and extracurricular offers at the Landschulheim and the people working here, follow our pedagogical convictions.

The school and boarding school are located on a 10-hectare large site on the outskirts of Veckenstedt, in beautiful nature and in the immediate vicinity of the Harz National Park. Eight school and residential buildings, a sports field, a greenhouse, gardens and ponds as well as a small horse farm provide the ideal setting.

The increasing demand for student places limits the school's receptivity, which for educational reasons does not want to exceed a class size of approx. 20.


Our History

After receiving the school permit in 1995, the Landschulheim Grovesmühle was built on the site of a former paper mill according to the principles of the reform pedagogue, Hermann Lietz.

Our Team

Teachers, educators and social pedagogues take care of the pupils. The team is supplemented by our administrative staff, our caretakers and craftsmen, our cleaning staff and our kitchen team. The heart of the Landschulheim is the great Grovesmühle - Team.

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Our support association

The association has set itself the goal of improving the school and its working conditions. Commitment to the association is voluntary in every respect. We are happy about every new member.

Our Network

The characteristic feature of a boarding school is that many pupils, parents and teachers develop a very special relationship with their old school after graduation.

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