our school concept

School can only succeed if it is made in an atmosphere of great mutual trust. This presupposesthat different personalities are accepted and taken seriously by students and teachers with theirindividual characteristics.

Joint activities of pupils and teachers, varied extra-curricular activities in the form of workinggroups (guilds) and last but not least, a joint lunch helps to reduce distance within the groups. Thisall helps to create a good learning atmosphere within small learning groups with a maximum of 20pupils.

Since a positive learning atmosphere is also an indispensable prerequisite for the motivation ofeach individual, we attach great importance to the development of a good class community. Therefore,a weekly class leader lesson (plenum) is an integral part of the lessons up to the intermediatelevel.

Additionally, we run programs to strengthen the class structure and experience-oriented class trips.Up to the 8th grade, grammar school and secondary school pupils are taught together but in a differentiatedway. Separate lessons take place from class 9. In classes 5-8 there are individualizedlearning hours in the schedule, in which project-oriented work is done. They also have the possibilityto take part in competitions.

An essential focus of the lessons is the development of competences and strategies for independentlearning. These are essentially achieved through forms of open teaching such as stationlearning and a free and weekly work plan or projects. In Class 6, there are also interdisciplinarylessons (PBG Class).

The Grovesmühle is open to the outside world through the involvement of experts, regular excursionsand the implementation of internships.The focus of individual support is the Grovesmühle support plan concept. Dyslexia therapy anddyscalculia training are also possible.

Individual support

SUPPORT ist written in capital letters at Landschulheim

At Grovesmühle we focus on individual support plan concepts if needed. A support plan is drawnup for pupils whose success at school is at risk and appropriate support gets implemented in theschedule. The development plan is basically drawn up together with the children and teenagers,since success at school is a common concern.The personnel resources of Grovesmühle are also brought together within the framework of thesupport plan discussions: in addition to the subject’s teachers and class leaders, a school socialworker and a psychologist are also available.A certified grapho-legasthenia therapist and dyslexia therapist according to BVL® can carry outtherapies on site. In cases of dyscalculia, training hours can be integrated into the schedule bytrained staff.Furthermore, there is the possibility to participate in the student assistance lessons, where studentsfrom higher grades support their younger classmates.Particular importance is the focus on developing talents and interests. The guilds at Grovesmühleare therefore an integral part of the lessons.

Vocational orientation

Vocational orientation plays an important role at the Grovesmühle. In addition to the cooperationwith the employment agency in Halberstadt, there is also a deeper vocational orientation in cooperationwith the „Teutloff Bildungswerk“. In order to facilitate the transition to university for ourhigh school and technical college students, we have entered into a cooperation agreement withthe Harz University of Applied Sciences.In addition to in-depth career counseling, the students have the opportunity to try themselves outin various areas, complete internships and attend job fairs.


Our guilds, also known as working groups, are an integral part of our lower and intermediate levelteaching. Here the students have the opportunity to discover and develop their talents. Theguilds are only partly accompanied by Grovesmühle employees, as external experts often takeover the teaching.

Firmly anchored guilds are: Horseback riding / vaulting, football, woodworking,swimming and lifeguarding, pottery and computer science. Some offered guilds change annually.

Growing out of the strong efforts on the part of the students, there is also a school medical service(SSD). This is a proven concept of the German Red Cross. Under supervision, qualified studentsprovide appropriate and fast first aid in an emergency situation. School paramedics areused during breaks, at school events such as sports festivals or hiking days. Every pupil from the7th grade can become a school paramedic. Prerequisite is the participation in a first aid basiccourse as well as the regular advanced training within the guild.

Admission Information

Are you interested in the Landschulheim Grovesmühle? You like our concept? Can you imaginethat we are the perfect school for your child? Then make an appointment in our school secretary'soffice under 039451 - 608 0 or send us an e-mail to info@grovesmuehle.eu. 

After an individual arrangement and an interview, you have the possibility to take part in the lessonsfor a few days. Our office will be happy to provide you with detailed information:

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