The Landschulheim Grovesmühle is a state-approved all-day school with an independent sponsorship.All degrees and certificates acquired here, correspond to those of a state school. At ourschool, holism and diversity are at the centre of our pedagogical conviction.

We are obliged to comply with the essential school regulations of the state of Saxony-Anhalt. Thisapplies in particular to the transfer and finals regulations.However, we are free in the choice of pedagogical methods and the implementation of the provisionsof school law and can determine our own pedagogical profile.This is also reflected in our school programme. We give children and teenagers the space and opportunityto discover and develop their interests and talents. At the same time, we attach great importanceto strengthening the sense of responsibility for oneself and others. It is our aim to accompanythe pupils on their way to a successful graduation certificate and to optimally prepare themfor life after school.

Students with partial performance deficits are dealt with separately and specifically. A partial performanceweakness on the one hand often brings strength on another. This means working on theweaknesses and promoting individual strengths. In addition to two school social workers and aschool psychologist, an experienced and certified dyslexic therapist is available to you and us forthese themes. A training programme is currently available for dyscalculia.As a member of networks such as „School without Racism- School with Courage" or „See the biggerpicture", we constantly put ourselves, our projects and our methods to the "test".In order to be able to offer all students the most suitable type of school, Grovesmühle’s offer includesattendance at the grammar school, the secondary school education course and the technicalsecondary school in the subjects "Technology" and "Health and Social Affairs“.


School can only succeed if it is made in an atmosphere of great mutual trust. This presupposesthat different personalities are accepted and taken seriously by students and teachers with their individual characteristics.

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In recent years, the Grovesmühle received numerous awards for his work in the school and extracurricular field.Beyond the normal school operation, pupils and teachers are very successfully involved in various projects.

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Projects and Guilds

At Grovesmühle, the guilds (working groups) are an integral part of the teaching of the lower and intermediate grades. Here, pupils can develop their individual interests and talents in a practical way.



Sports guilds

● Football Guilds 

● Schwimming Guilds

● Sports Guilds

● uvm. 

Creative guilds

● Film Guilds

● Pottery Guilds

● Art Guilds

● Theatre Guilds

● uvm.

musical guilds

● music guilds

 ● school band

Animal and nature guilds

● Pony, Donkey and Co.

● Riding Guild

● Farm Guild

● School Garden Guild

The people at the Grovesmühle

Teachers, educators and social pedagogues look after the students, but what would we be without our administrative staff, our janitors and craftsmen, our cleaning staff and our kitchen team? 

The heart and soul of the Landschulheim is the great Grovesmühle - Team, which makes life at the boarding school something special.


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